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Hematico Viral Defense Analyzer introduces AI/Machine Learning Vocal Fold Asymmetry Analysis

Hematico AI/Machine Learning Viral Defense Analyzer is a launch stage venture offering a proprietary Vocal Fold Asymmetry Analysis that transcribes biomarkers from sensitive sensors, preferentially positioned, to react to COVID-19 infection.

Vocal folds are in the respiratory tract where the COVID-19 virus reproduces throughout infection. Biomarkers, transcribed from these sensors, can be used in entry protocols to curate entry signals with high probabilities of being truly negative for COVID-19; negative predictive values > 99% (probability that the negative signal is true).

The Hematico Viral Defense Analyzer transcribes these biomarkers and then classifies them as negative or positive using convoluted neural networks; advanced forms of artificial intelligence commonly used in voice recognition and medical image classification.

These neural networks learn by example to map the biomarkers to negative or positive signals. As the number of examples increase, the classification accuracy increases. Thus, the classifications become more and more accurate, the more frequently the app is used.

The voice classifier model currently in use, was trained in a scientific study performed under the supervision of Dr. Rita Singh, Voice profiling Professor at Carnegie Mellon University.

This model can be operated at >99% negative predictive value. As the app gets more use, it’s continuous learning will increase the negative predictive value and reduce false positive signals.

The COVID-19 virus is driving test-for-entry demand to very high levels. With our classifier, test-for-entry demand can be substantially reduced while keeping congregating venues safe. Hematico Viral Defense Analyzer hosts entry protocols for sponsors and provides sponsor entry signals based on the analysis of the Hematico Viral Defense Analyzer biomarkers against the sponsor’s protocols.

The Problem

Upon the entrance of vaccines in 2020, the world breathed a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, vaccines alone as mitigation proved to be flawed. As Cruise lines, Vacation Venues, Sporting Events, and Entertainment Venues reopened, infection rates among the vaccinated has continued upward as variants have ravaged the globe.

Effective treatments have become available. However, they must be administered early in the viral evolution. This is only possible with constant testing. Current testing methods are both time and cost prohibitive. The inconvenience of swabbing is another prohibitive factor.

Even when testing is rigorously done population wide, the results are a dismal 70% effective. The result even when correct, is obsolete upon completion, as you may become infected tomorrow. Even so, we are seeing Billions of Covid tests being administered weekly via rapid tests, P.C.R., home testing, temperature taking and questionnaires. None of this has been effective. The cost is enormous.

For two years we’ve heard “Follow the Science”. Well, here it is. Carnegie Mellon University, Yale University School of Medicine and M.I.T. have rigorously worked on the 21st Century Science to combat a 21st Century Virus.

The answer is Hematico Viral Defense Analyzer. Entire populations can know their relationship to Covid-19 in a few minutes. No more masks, questionnaires, or even booster shots. An analyzed Voice through Neural Networks powered by Deep Learning AI lets you know not only your status but the status of those in your sphere. NO MORE GUESSING!!

Immediate Results

Results are analyzed and returned in minutes. Giving you results when you want them the most.

Highest Accuracy

Unsurpassed negativity detection resolutions. Give confidence that you do not exibit signs of detection.

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